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Why choose our firm?

There are many law firms available.  Why choose Lester Law?

We’re responsive.  Because we are a small firm, we give each case personal attention.  We answer your telephone calls and respond to your questions.  We make sure you know what is happening with your case.  We work hard to respond to your needs and make you feel comfortable.  That’s a level of service you can’t always get from a large firm.

We’re local.  When you work with Lester Law, your attorney is near where you live.  You don’t have to drive for hours just to see your lawyer.  We’re part of the local community.  People know us, and we know them.

We’re focused on immigration law.  We don’t try to do everything.  Instead, we focus on one area of law – the complex and important field of  immigration law – and work hard to be the best we can at it.  When you work with Lester Law, you know that your attorney has made immigration law the main focus of his or her career.

We’re problem-solvers.  We look for solutions, not obstacles.  We work with you to understand your goals, and then put our skills to work to find creative solutions.  We want you to be successful.

We treat our clients like family.  We understand the value of relationships.  To us, the people we work with are more than just clients – they’re a part of the Lester Law family.  We treat our clients with respect and consideration.

We’re a team.  When you work with Lester Law, you have the benefit of all our team members.  We all work together to achieve the best results we can for you.


Our firm is built upon three central values: experience, dedication, and integrity. Learn more about our values.