Green Cards through Employment

Are you seeking a green card through your employment?  While there are several options, in most cases you need a U.S. employer to petition for you.  However, you may be able to petition for yourself and your family depending on your skills, education, and experience.  A successful employment-based green card would also allow your spouse, and child(ren) under the age of 21, to receive green card status as your derivative(s).

The following are some types of employment-based green cards we can assist with:

  • EB-1:  green cards for individuals with extraordinary abilities, professors and researchers with exceptional backgrounds and experience, and multinational managers or executives. If you currently work in the United States with an L-1A visa, green card requirements for EB-1 multinational managers and executives are similar to the L-1A requirements.
  • EB-2:  green cards for professionals with advanced degrees, work experience equivalent to an advanced degree, or extraordinary ability. Depending on your employment plans in the United States, you may qualify for a “National Interest Waiver” which would allow you to petition for yourself.
  • EB-3:  green cards for professionals, skilled workers, or other workers.

If you are interested in seeking a green card through employment, or if you are a U.S employer who wants to pursue a green card for an employee, we would love to talk to you!


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