Do you want to become a U.S. citizen, or help a family member become a U.S. citizen?  One of our favorite practice areas is helping clients obtain their citizenship.  When we help clients become U.S. citizens, we celebrate with them because they finished their American journey.

There are two ways to seek U.S. citizenship.  The first is naturalization, which consists of (1) applying for naturalization with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, (2) undergoing a thorough background check, (3) passing a U.S. civics test, and (4) completing an interview.  Once approved, you will be invited to an Oath Ceremony where you become a U.S. citizen. Under most circumstances, you must be a Lawful Permanent Resident (green card holder) for either three or five years before you can apply.

However, there are circumstances where you may already be a U.S. citizen.  For example, if you have a parent with U.S. citizenship, you might inherit that status.  Under these circumstances, you do not need to apply for naturalization.  Instead, you need the U.S. government to officially recognize your citizenship, usually through a Certificate of Citizenship.

If you want to see if you are eligible for U.S. citizenship or if you are already a U.S. citizen, we would love to talk to you!


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